Martha Stewart, 81, Makes History as Sports Illustrated’s Oldest Cover Model

The magazine’s issue featuring the entrepreneur was revealed on Monday

Martha Stewart, serial businesswoman and domestic lifestyle guru, has made history as Sports Illustrated’s oldest swimsuit model. 

“I like that picture,” Stewart, 81, said of her cover shot, which made its reveal on Monday during NBC’s airing of “Today.” Stewart said the entire ordeal has her in shock. 

“I’m sort of shaking because it’s odd to go to an island and get changed into nine different bathing suits in one day, in front of all those people, and it turned out okay,” Stewart said of the shoot, which took place in the Dominican Republic. The lifestyle influencer went on to explain that SI reached out to her in November of 2022 and told her that she’d have to be ready by the end of January to pose for the cover. 

“That was kind of a request that I’d never had before,” Stewart said. “And to be on the cover at my age was a challenge, and I think I met the challenge.” 

When Stewart says “challenge,” she was referring to the lifestyle changes she made to be personally comfortable with her body for the cover.

“I didn’t starve myself, but I didn’t eat any bread or pasta for a couple months. I went to pilates every other day, and that was great,” Stewart said. “I live a clean life anyway.”

Modeling isn’t new for Stewart, as that was the opening to her professional career in media and entertainment. She started working as a model at age 15, and went on to become a Wall Street stockbroker. In 1973, Stewart launched a catering business out of her kitchen, making everything from scratch and over time it developed into the lifestyle brand she is today. 

Stewart says she hopes the cover can inspire people, but especially women. 

“Women have gone through a tough time for the last 10 years,” Stewart said. “We’ve really been battered around, taking care of the family. That’s a hell of a responsibility. Working at home, you know, it’s been tough. So I hope it does give people, women especially, an opportunity to revisit their lives and get with he picture.”

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