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Martin Shkreli Bought Up Domain Names of a Dozen Journalists Just to Troll Them (Report)

”Pharma Bro“ strikes again

“Pharma Bro” Martin Shkreli has a knack for using his wealth to make life harder for other people — and this time, he’s targeting journalists. The widely disliked former pharmaceutical CEO has purchased 12 Internet domain names associated with journalists who have written and/or tweeted negatively about him, says Business Insider.

Shkreli reportedly purchased these domain names and customized them in a way to troll certain journalists. For example, the landing page of a site named after CNBC’s Caroline Moss reads, “Welcome to carolinemoss.com. Everything you need to know about this CNBC safe spacer.” The concept of safe spaces is something for which right-leaning individuals like to mock “the left.”

Shkreli has also purchased domain names for reporters from Vice, New York Post, Gizmodo, Bloomberg, Vanity Fair and other news sites, says Business Insider.

But Shkreli won’t surrender the domain names he bought that easily. Business Insider reports that “Pharma Bro” offered to sell back the domain associated with New York Post reporter, Emily Saul, for a whopping $12,000.