Martin Short Accuses Jimmy Fallon of Being Justin Timberlake’s Lover (Video)

Short’s fictional host Jiminy Glick also asks about Fallon’s recurring “Saturday Night Live” character, “Giggling Boy in the Background Guy”

The tables were turned Monday night on “The Tonight Show” when Jimmy Fallon found himself the interview subject. Asking the questions was Martin Short‘s fictional celebrity interviewer Jiminy Glick. Of course, Glick is an idiot, so the interview didn’t go well at all.

Glick pushed Fallon’s buttons throughout the interview, pushing him at one point to admit that he and Justin Timberlake were lovers. “Top or bottom?” Glick asked. This lead to fisticuffs, but even that outburst was all part of Glick’s inimitable interview approach.

Jiminy Glick was created as a character on Martin Short‘s short-lived syndicated talk show. Glick would outlive the show that spawned him, however, earning his own series in 2001. Short has made appearances as the character in various places since, including “Saturday Night Live” and “MADtv.”

Through the course of his chat with Fallon, Glick confused the “Tonight Show” host with Ryan Seacrest and Jimmy Kimmel, and even tried to set him up for some controversy with an outright lie.

“You said just before we started that you thought it was too soon for a woman to be president,” Glick said. “What did you mean by that?”

At another point, though, Glick was on target when he asked Fallon about the creation of his “Saturday Night Live” character, “Giggling Boy in the Background Guy.”

“It wasn’t supposed to be ‘Giggling Boy in the Background Guy,’” Fallon responded.

“How come he always was,” Glick retorted. “If he’s not supposed to be, how come he always was?” Perhaps not ironically, Fallon was giggling too hard to answer this one.

Watch the full interview here.

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