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James Corden Turns ‘Goodfellas,’ ‘Revenant’ Into ‘Inappropriate Musicals’ (Video)

They’re just like the movies, except not at all

Last night, Martin Short, James Corden and — eventually — Will Arnett put on some entry-level Broadway plays for fans of stories told on the silver screen.

That’s not to say it was amateur hour on “The Late Late Show” — the “Inappropriate Musicals” were actually quite good. It was the digestible popular film subject matters that made the performances even more palatable for those who tend to shirk plays.

First, CBS host Corden and his main guest Short did a killer “Goodfellas” “Funny, how?” scene. Next, the duo put on “The Revenant,” with an unexpected romantic twist.

After those two, they hit the show-stopper: “Gladiator.” After the strong “Are You Not Entertained?” musical number, Arnett came out to help the other guys close the curtain.

Watch the video above — you will be entertained.