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Marty McFly Gets ‘Clock-Blocked’ in ‘Back to the Future’ Honest Trailer (Video)

Screen Junkies gets in on the fun in celebration of date from Universal franchise sequel

Great Scott!

The Screen Junkies team ripped into the “Back to the Future” franchise with a new Honest Trailer on Wednesday in honor of today, the date to which Marty and Doc Brown traveled in “Back to the Future Part 2.”

In the trailer, Marty McFly is portrayed as the average ’80s teenager, “Who just wants to play guitar, hang from cars and not get clock-blocked.”

It also points out the repetitive elements of all three films, in which Marty and Doc travel back in time, beat up a bully, fix the future and set up a sequel.

The Honest Trailer series has received more than 550 million views on YouTube, including popular installments aping “Breaking Bad,” “Frozen,” “Independence Day,” “The Hunger Games,” “The Dark Knight” and “The Avengers.”

Watch the video.