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What’s With the 13-Foot Bronze Captain America Statue Coming to Comic-Con?

Big hunk of metal with take a bow at Comic-Con in San Diego before ending up in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park

In honor of Captain America’s 75th anniversary, Marvel will unveil a bronze, 13-foot-tall statue of the superhero at Comic-Con in San Diego later this month.

The statue, which features the superhero and his iconic shield, will then take a cross-country tour before ending up in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park on Aug. 10.

It will also prominently feature the quote “I’m just a kid from Brooklyn,” which was uttered by Chris Evans in the first film featuring the actor in the titular role, “Captain America: The First Avenger.”

Comicave Studios will also be selling a limited edition line of replicas for fans: 750 12-inch bronze versions and 100 made-to-order 35-inch pewter ones.

Fans eager to see the statue before it winds up in Brooklyn can also keep up to date on Cap’s whereabouts through Marvel’s social media channels.

“We hope that when fans see the statue, they will think back to a favorite comic book, treasured action figure or even be transported back to a special time and place in their lives where Captain America’s values played influence,” Paul Gitter, senior vice president of licensing for Marvel, told USA Today.

Here is a rough sketch of the statue, which was published in USA Today on Tuesday.

captain america statue sketch

Courtesy of Marvel

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