Here Are the 10 Best ‘Make Mine Milkshake’ Tweets That Trounce ‘Fake Geek Girls’ Marvel Diss

“More women in comics is the best thing to ever happen to comics,” one comic writer tweets

Twitter @HeatherAntos

After Marvel comic editor Heather Antos was targeted by Twitter trolls for posting a selfie with some of her Marvel friends grabbing milkshakes, a groundswell of supporters are rising up in her honor.

The innocuous documented milkshake-gettin’ activity led naysayers on Twitter to attack Antos for being a woman in the comics industry. Antos got insults ranging from “Gee, I can’t imagine why Marvel’s sales are in the toilet” to “fake geek girls” and “the creepiest collection of stereotypical SJWs anyone could possibly imagine.”

But support for Antos was swift from comic fans around the country. So much support poured in, in fact, the hashtag #MakeMineMilkshake — a play on Marvel’s “Make My Marvel” slogan — started trending on Twitter, and, as Antos tweeted out Sunday, even crashed her Twitter app.

Comic book purveyors from Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles, New York and beyond posted photos drinking milkshakes with their comics and the hashtag. “#MakeMineMilkshake because more women in comics is the best thing to ever happen to comics,” comic writer Ron Marz tweeted. “You’re crazy if you don’t think women have importance in comics. We’d be nowhere without them. #MakeMineMilkshake,” comic writer Brandon Davis added.

We’ve rounded up the 10 best #MakeMineMilkshake tweets below.