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Is Marvel Marvel-ous?

18marvel2190 David Maisel is a new player on the Hollywood scene, though he's been here for more than a decade. Now at the helm of Marvel Studios, I take a look at his business plan and the impression he has made on others in today's Business section. Both have their critics. "Until recently a little-known deal maker trained by the former kingpin Michael S. Ovitz, Mr. Maisel has quickly become a serious Hollywood player. No longer content to leave the actual moviemaking (and most of the profits) to the studios, Mr. Maisel is able to green-light movies of his choosing at budgets up to $165 million, backed by $525 million of financing. “I don’t think there’s been a new studio making $100 million movies since DreamWorks,” he said. “We’re going Hollywood, but in a smart way...'"  Maisel has left bruised relationships with Avi Arad, who hired him at Marvel, and Ryan Kavanaugh, who devised the financial plan that gives Maisel his power. Remains to be seen whether these relationships come home to roost. One point not in the story: Ladies, he's single...