Marvel Studios Sets ‘Secret Invasion,’ ‘Ironheart,’ ‘Armor Wars’ TV Series at Disney+

Samuel L. Jackson and Ben Mendelsohn will return in “Secret Invasion,” Don Cheadle back in “Armor Wars”

Marvel Disney+ Secret Invasion Ironheart

Marvel is bringing three more series to Disney+: “Secret Invasion,” “Ironheart” and “Armor Wars.”

Disney announced Thursday during its Investor Day that Samuel L. Jackson and Ben Mendelsohn will return in “Secret Invasion,” while Don Cheadle is back in “Armor Wars.” Dominique Thorne will star in “Ironheart,” which focuses on Riri Williams, a young Black woman who takes over the mantle of Iron Man.

Jackson has appeared as Nick Fury in multiple Marvel films, while Mendelsohn reprises his role as Talos from “Captain Marvel” (he also cameoed in a post-credits scene in “Spider-Man: Far From Home”).

Written by longtime Marvel powerhouse Brian Michael Bendis, the 2008 “Secret Invasion” crossover event revealed that the Skrull — the shapeshifting aliens seen in “Captain Marvel” and “Spider-Man: Far From Home” — had secretly infiltrated Earth several years before and managed to capture and take the place of several prominent Marvel superheroes. Taking advantage of the relative chaos after the events of “Civil War,” the Skrull notched up some significant wins until they were eventually defeated by a coalition of earth’s heroes and supervillains.

According to Marvel Studios chief Kevin Feige, “Armor Wars” will center on “Tony Stark’s worst nightmare” when his technology falls into the wrong hands. Cheadle will reprise his role as James “Rhodey” Rhodes that he most recently played in “Avengers: Endgame.”

With the three new Disney+ series, that now brings the total Marvel Studios shows for the streaming service to 11. The first, “WandaVision,” will debut on Jan. 15, followed by “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier” in March and “Loki” in May. Disney shared the first looks at both “Falcon and Winter Soldier” and “Loki” during Thursday’s presentation.

The other series are “Ms. Marvel,” “Moon Knight,” “She-Hulk” and the animated “What If…”


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