‘Fargo’ Star Mary Elizabeth Winstead Talks ‘Wonder Woman’ and Women Who Inspire Her (Video)

“At this point, we’re all just tired of the same point of view”

When it comes to gender equity in storytelling, “Fargo” star Mary Elizabeth Winstead finds reason for hope in “Wonder Woman.”

“It was like a real great popcorn action movie,” Winstead said. “There was nothing sappy or [the stereotypes] people attribute to more feminine kinds of films that they find to be negative in some way. It was just good, and there’s no reason why it wouldn’t be.”

She delivered the praise during TheWrap’s Emmy Season Screening Series Thursday night, when Winstead and other panelists were asked about Jessica Chastain’s recent comments on her disappointment in the portrayals of women on-screen.

“Timeless” star Abigail Spencer, seated beside Winstead, has tweeted her agreement with Chastain. When she noted how few women have directed blockbuster movies, Winstead shared her thoughts on “Wonder Woman” — a film directed by Patty Jenkins that looks headed for a huge opening weekend.



“I think obviously there needs to be more diversity behind the camera just in general. It’s just shocking to think it’s just been one type of person for the longest time really, that’s been the go-to person to make movies and to write and direct,” she said. “At this point, we’re all just tired of the same point of view.”

Winstead is excited for “Wonder Woman” to inspire the next generation of young girls. Her own inspirations, she said, included “I Love Lucy” and “Golden Girls” reruns.

Growing up watching TV with her family, “it was all stories about women,” she said. “That was just normal. It was always about women… That’s all I ever wanted to watch.”

Watch the video above for the complete panel, featuring Winstead, Spencer, “Underground” star Aisha Hinds, and “Better Call Saul” star Jonathan Banks. Winstead’s remarks about “Wonder Woman” begin around 13:30 minutes in.

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