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Mase Drops Savage Cam’ron Diss Track and Twitter Wakes Up From Its Tryptophan Nap (Audio)

Former Bad Boy emcee even invokes ”Rocky IV“: ”Now I’m like f– it/Drago/If he dies, he dies“

Murda Mase is back? “The Oracle” sure says so.

Ex-Bad Boy Records rapper Mase just dropped a brutal diss track targeting fellow emcee Cam’ron. Listen to the song here:

At one point, M-a-$-e goes all “Rocky IV” on his former friend and Harlem, New York neighbor: “Now I’m like f– it/Drago/If he dies, he dies,” Mason Betha spits.

“The Oracle” is a bloody response to Cam’s on-wax attack from earlier this month. Peep “It’s Killa” here:

There’s so much history here: Cam and Mase used to belong to the same hip-hop group, Children of the Corn, which also featured the late and legendary Big L. Sounds like all that love is lost at this point.

Back in March, Cam’ron posted a lengthy Instagram video about Mase “losing his mind” and “going to God” after making a lot of money at a young age.

“S— got hot in the ‘hood,” Killa Cam said, explaining why the “Feel So Good” rapper initially quit the music business to become a reverend.

Readers can watch that here:

A day after stuffing its face with turkey and pumpkin pie, Twitter is eating this up. Below are some choice reactions to Mase’s clapback (that are clean enough for us to publish):