Mashup Proves All Disney Films Are Connected by Hidden Easter Eggs (Video)

You ever notice that Genie from “Aladdin” was poised to feast on Sebastian the Jamaican crab from “Little Mermaid”?

Disney’s make-believe worlds collide in the most unexpected ways — you just have to keep your eyes peeled to see them.

Bet you did know that Moana’s dog and Mrs. Potts popped up in “Tarzan,” The Beast and Sebastian the Jamaican crab made appearances in “Aladdin,” Anna and Elsa can be seen in “Zootopia” … and on and on and on.

Those who had any doubt that all the Disney worlds, whether under the sea, in a jungle or on a Polynesian island paradise, are all connected in the subtlest of ways, we’ve now got the proof.

For anyone who loves “all things Disney,” you’ll love the video above.

Disney’s sister site Oh My Disney posted a mashup that flags Easter eggs in a bunch of the studio’s most popular animated films, proving that the entire Disney world is a small world (after all).

Check it out.