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Ana Gasteyer’s Son Wanted Her to Compete as a ‘Big Penis’ on ‘The Masked Singer’ (Video)

But she didn’t because of ”Schweddy Balls“ — and also, you know, broadcast television

Ana Gasteyer was one of the 16 celebrities that competed on the recently ended second season of Fox’s oddball singing competition “The Masked Singer.” And though the “SNL” alum — who was unmasked as The Tree earlier this month — didn’t win, she did make her 11-year-old son Ulysses very happy just by appearing on his “absolute favorite show.”

Of course, she could have made him even happier if she had agreed to compete in the obscene costume he suggested.

On Thursday’s “Late Night With Seth Meyers,” Gasteyer discussed the intricacies of competing on “The Masked Singer,” which she described as “a Japanese fever fugue state, wherein celebrities dress in giant amusement park costumes and sing and people like Robin Thicke try to figure out who they are.”

Meyers showed everyone a picture of Gasteyer when she was revealed to the audience — and then he showed everyone some texts between her and her son, which revealed he would have preferred she “dress as a big penis” rather than a Christmas tree.

See the exchange below, which Gasteyer read allowed:

Ana Gasteyer Masked Singer


Ana Gasteyer Masked Singer


OK, so obviously this wouldn’t have worked — not just because she certainly wouldn’t have gotten away with dressing as male genitalia on broadcast television — but because of her connection to one infamous “SNL” sketch.

“Which, I have to say is not a bad idea,” Gasteyer said of her son’s phallic suggestion. “But I felt that ‘Schweddy Balls’ would give it away.”

Meyers agreed, “they would have got it the first week.”

Watch the full interview above.