‘The Masked Singer’: Robin Threatens to Fry Cluedle-Doo After He Crashes Piglet Guess (Exclusive Video)

And now he’s making Nicole hungry

“The Masked Singer” enters the “Spicy Six” round of its fifth season on Wednesday, an hour that featured not just the singing competition heating up, but the judges getting pretty fiery, too.

In TheWrap’s exclusive sneak peek from tonight’s episode, panelists Jenny McCarthy, Robin Thicke, Nicole Scherzinger, Ken Jeong and guest judge Chrissy Metz are getting a new clue about Piglet via “The Masked Singer’s” new “mind reader” device, when that pesky Cluedle-Doo interrupts their chance to find out whats *inside* Piglet’s head.

“What? You thought you’d be seeing into this piggy’s brain? Not with me around,” the rooster says in a video broadcast on the screen from his secret hideout. “I’ve been following this guy’s career since he caught touchdowns from Dan Marino. Toodle-oo from Cluedle-Doo.”

OK, so that was even more annoying than Cluedle normally is — but at least he gave the judges a solid clue in return for not letting them see *inside* Piglet’s mind.

But Robin ain’t having it.

“This is what I’m going to do to Cluedle-Doo the next time he comes around,” Thicke says, shaking a bottle of hot sauce over a bucket of fried chicken. “Start messing with my clue ideas.”

Host Nick Cannon jokes that Thicke is going to make a “Kentucky Fried Cluedle-Doo,” as the other judges lose it over Thicke’s threat.

“One more time Cluedle-Doo! One more time!” Thicke shouts, before Nicole tells him to quit it because he’s making her hungry.

Watch the video above.

Here’s the description for tonight’s “The Masked Singer,” which includes remaining contestants Piglet, Robopine, Russian Doll(s), Black Swan, Yeti and Chameleon:

The competition is heating up, as the Final Six sing for the golden mask trophy. Special guest panelist Chrissy Metz (“This is Us”) brings her vocal expertise to the show for the first time ever. The Season Five contestants boast a combined 26 Grammy Award nominations, nine multi-Platinum singles, four Academy Award nominations, three Super Bowl appearances, six gold medals and two world records! One singer will be unmasked in the all-new “The Spicy 6 – The Competition Heats Up!” episode.

“The Masked Singer” airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Fox.


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