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‘The Masked Singer': Donnie Wahlberg Doesn’t Say He’s Not the Rabbit – We Think

TCA 2019: “I think I’m trending third now behind Joey Fatone and Joey McIntyre,” New Kids on the Block member says

We (maybe?) have some news for all you fans of Fox’s new oddball celebrity singing competition series, “The Masked Singer”: Donnie Wahlberg didn’t say he’s not the Rabbit.

The “Blue Bloods” star was asked point-blank if he’s in fact the man behind the large mammal’s mask on the series, while discussing his upcoming HLN original series during a panel at the Television Critics Association press tour Monday.

“Were you here when my wife was here last week for the Fox panel?” he responded at first, referencing his spouse, Jenny McCarthy, who is a panelist on the Fox show, along with Ken Jeong, Robin Thicke and Nicole Scherzinger.

Yes, yes we were Donnie, answer the question.

“Um, I can’t answer that, can’t answer that,” he continued. “I can only tell you that I think I’m — there’s a list of boy-banders who are alleged — that’s a word I took from very scary people — alleged to be the Rabbit, and I’m on the list. I think I’m trending third now behind Joey Fatone and Joey McIntyre.”

In case you some how forgot, Wahlberg is one of the founding members of New Kids on the Block, which McIntyre is also a part of, and Fatone is from NSYNC. And panelists and fans have been guessing the Rabbit is a boy-bander, yes, so?

“But my wife signed a non-disclosure form, so I don’t even know who’s in the costume. And if it’s me I haven’t found out yet,” he added, jokingly.

OK, so still pretty unclear on this one.

“The Masked Singer” airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Fox.