‘Masked Singer’ Host Nick Cannon Teases Jenny McCarthy for Guessing Jamie Foxx – AGAIN (Exclusive Video)

And another $50 goes into the “jar of shame”

Nick Cannon makes his epic return as “The Masked Singer” host on Wednesday’s episode of the Fox singing competition, with the artist formerly known as Bulldog not missing a beat in his first day back on the job. Yes, that means Cannon will resume mocking the judges’ overused guesses in person again, rather than just through the money jar of “shame” he gave guest host Niecy Nash to charge them $50 with every time they threw out a name like “Jamie Foxx” while he was out for the first half of Season 5 recovering from COVID-19.

Welp, guess who Jenny McCarthy guessed the Robopine contestant was on Cannon’s first day back, even though it meant adding another Grant to the jar?

“I do want to stick with someone that Nicole said, and I know that means I have to participate another $50 to the jar that you gave us,” McCarthy says in TheWrap’s exclusive clip from tonight’s episode, which you can view above. “So I’m going to go once again with Jamie Foxx. He does sound a little like Jamie, he danced a little bit like Jamie. Jamie does have many alter egos, so I do feel confi– you don’t feel confident, Nick?”

“Yeah, I just, because you guys always say Jamie Foxx,” Nick says teasingly, shaking his head at a celeb who has been guessed repeatedly by McCarthy and her fellow judges Robin Thicke, Ken Jeong and Nicole Scherzinger since Season 1 of “The Masked Singer.”

“Well he’s gotta end up some day!” she says.

“I’m with Jenny,” Nicole added. “Because he’s won an Oscar, he’s won a Grammy — but he’s not won the Golden Mask Trophy.”

Scherzinger had Cannon there.

“That is the one thing Jamie Foxx has not won,” Nick said, laughing.

Here’s the official description for Wednesday’s “Masked Singer” episode, which features Group A’s Seashell, Robopine (f.k.a. Porcupine), Russian Dolls, Orca and a new mysterious “Wildcard” contestant:  Find out who will round out the Super Eight with the Group “A” finals, when one celebrity is unmasked from Group “A” and the remaining singers advance! Meanwhile, the last wildcard enters the competition for the chance to steal a spot in the game. The Season Five contestants boast a combined 26 Grammy Award nominations, nine multi-Platinum singles, four Academy Award nominations, three Super Bowl appearances, six gold medals and two world records! One celebrity will be unmasked and the remaining move on to the Super Eight.”

“The Masked Singer” airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Fox.


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