‘Masked Singer’: Here’s Your First Look at Rottweiler, Ice Cream, Tree and 3 More Season 2 Contestants (Exclusive Video)

And you thought Egg was weird

“The Masked Singer” Season 2 is going to be filled with “things that make you go, hmm” — and TheWrap has your first look at six of them.

In the teaser above, which is exclusive to TheWrap, you’ll see returning panelists Jenny McCarthy, Robin Thicke, Ken Jeong and Nicole Scherzinger and host Nick Cannon marveling at new Masked Singers like The Ice Cream, The Tree and The Rottweiler.

The video also features the debut of contestants that appear to be a spider, a rose, and some kind of green, furry creature — though Fox is still holding back the names of those particular contestants from Season 2 of its oddball singing competition.

The broadcast network previously revealed first looks at Panda, Butterfly, Egg, Leopard, Flamingo, Skeleton, Fox and Eagle, eight of the 16 competitors for “The Masked Singer’s” second season. — meaning there are just two more Season 2 Masked Singers we’re waiting to meet.

Fans can expect those costumes to be revealed in the coming weeks as Fox ramps up promotion for “The Masked Singer’s” second season debut, following the huge TV ratings put up by Season 1.

Of course, we still have no idea who is behind these giant masks, but that’s what the two-hour premiere and subsequent episodes of the new season will reveal in the oddball show’s oddball fashion.

To find out more about where the show is headed this fall, you can check out TheWrap’s interview with Fox reality programming chief Rob Wade here. Yes, he talks about Egg.

“The Masked Singer” Season 2 premieres Sept. 25 at 8/7c on Fox.