‘Masked Singer’ Season 2: Fox Reality Boss on Why the Egg Contestant Decided to Be an Egg

TCA 2019: “Egg is weird,” Rob Wade tells TheWrap

The Masked Singer Season 2 Egg

Just when you thought “The Masked Singer” couldn’t get any more bizarre, Fox went and scrambled up its singoff series with more “weird and wacky” costumes for its second season, the weirdest of which — that we know of, so far — being Egg.

“Egg is weird,” Fox Alternative Entertainment president Rob Wade told TheWrap during the Television Critics Association press tour Wednesday, while discussing the “masks” selected by the new contestants who will be featured on Season 2, which airs its two-hour premiere Sept. 25.

“There’s different degrees of involvement from celebrities, so some celebrities are just, like, ‘I wanna go on the show.’ And you’re like, ‘Well, you could be this, you could be that, you could be this.’ And they’ll go, ‘Oh, I like that one,’” Wade said. “But some, like Egg — Egg was like, ‘I don’t like any of these. I want to be an Egg.’ And we were like, ‘OK… any reason?’ And it’s like, ‘No.’ (laughs)

Along with the Egg costume, Fox has already revealed Butterfly, Leopard, Flamingo, Skeleton, Fox and Eagle — seven of the 16 contestants competing on Season 2. And Wade promises there are “lots of weird and wacky” costumes still to come.

The Fox programming exec also told us about how “The Masked Singer” is switching up its format a bit for its sophomore installment by adding a new singoff element where two sets of contestants will compete against each other and the losers of those battles will then have have a “smackdown” to see who gets to stay.

“It’s a way to save yourself and it adds some performance to the show,” Wade said. “It also restricts, like, in the early rounds when you’re trying to get to know people and we found that when you had six people on the show right at the beginning you didn’t get as much time to enjoy that, you were kind of rushing through the show. So we wanted to give ourselves a bit more time. And the smackdown is also a really fun element.”