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Lance Bass Shoots Down ‘Masked Singer’ Fan Theory That He’s the Turtle

Back to the guessing board

“The Masked Singer” judges and fans alike are pretty convinced that Season 3’s Turtle contestant is a former boyband member, with one of the leading theories for his identity being NSYNC’s Lance Bass.

Well, it looks like you can say “bye, bye, bye” to that guess, as Bass himself denies participating on Fox’s wacky celebrity singing competition, currently airing its third season.

“I do get a lot of tweets about ‘Lance is definitely the Turtle,'” the singer told Entertainment Weekly in an interview published Wednesday. “I get lots of weird tweets, and everyone guessing it’s me, but unfortunately, it’s not.”

The Turtle competed alongside the six other contestants in Season 3’s Group A until they were whittled down to just Turtle, White Tiger and Kangaroo. Those three masked singers are now set to move on to compete in the finals as part of the show’s “Super 9.”

Tonight, Group B will be introduced and the process will start all over again, and then it will be Group C’s turn — so it’s gonna be a while before fans get to see Turtle (who isn’t Bass!) perform again and formulate more theories about his identity.

So Lance isn’t Turtle, but does that mean he wouldn’t want to compete on “The Masked Singer” in a future season? If he did, he wouldn’t be the first former NSYNC member to do so, seeing as his bandmate Joey Fatone was revealed to be The Rabbit on Season 1.

“I feel like it seems like it’d be so much fun, but I don’t know if I would ever do the show,” Bass told Entertainment Weekly. “You know, it’s a lot of time, and I just don’t have that right now.”

“The Masked Singer” airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Fox.