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Thingamajig on Why ‘Feathery’ Was Probably the Clue That Gave Away His ‘Masked Singer’ Identity

Latest unmasked singer also tells TheWrap why he chose his very ”unique“ costume

(Warning: This post contains spoilers from Wednesday’s episode of “The Masked Singer.”)

NBA star Victor Oladipo was one of two contestants eliminated and unmasked on tonight’s semifinals of “The Masked Singer,” the other being Seal, who was revealed to be the celeb behind the Leopard. But it wouldn’t be totally unfair to say that the Indiana Pacers player was unmasked by social media long before he took off his Thingamajig head Wednesday night.

And Oladipo tells TheWrap he thinks the accurate theories behind his secret identity stemmed from one particular clue that was given during the Fox singing competition.

“I would say feathery, ’cause I don’t think a lot of people use that word other than myself,” the athlete told us. “So I think that’s what kind of gives it away. The number and stuff like that. The height. But I think feathery would probably give it away the most.”

(Oladipo is referring to the number 4 — which was used in several clue packages, as it happens to be his jersey number — and his 6-foot-4-inch height, a pretty big hint that Thingamajig was a baller.)

“Growing up me, and my friends, we kind of came up with the word and ran with it. And feathery is a positive outlook on a way of life. It’s not heavenly, it’s not great, it’s not good, it’s not heavenly, it’s right under that — it’s feathery. So everybody can be feathery as long as you have a positive outlook on life.”

The Pacers player tells us he chose his costume because of its “unique” nature, given it’s, well, not really any thing we’ve seen before.

“I kind of figured because it was unique and something you don’t see in your everyday life, and I just thought the name Thingamajig was unique and my personality fits that. It’s fun at the same time,” he said.

Oladipo says “The Masked Singer” was a “great opportunity for people to realize I can actually sing.”

“For people who don’t know I can sing, who are not immersed in the sports world or the athlete world and might not have the opportunity to know, it gave them a chance to know, seeing as how a wide variety of people watch the show,” he added. “So this shows people that my music is pretty good and I got a pretty good voice. I’m just trying to share my gift around the world with people who might not necessarily get a chance to hear that. I was always told if you have a gift, share it. So I was just trying to be able to find a way to share my gift with the world.”

“The Masked Singer” Season 2 finale airs next Wednesday at 8/7c on Fox.