Maskless Blac Chyna Goes on NSFW Pro-Vax Rant to Fan at Miami Airport: ‘Go Get the Shot!’ (Video)

The model’s monologue was captured and posted to Twitter followed by no shortage of reaction

Blac Chyna
Getty Images

Blac Chyna ranted about unvaccinated people to a fan recording her on video in the Miami, Florida, airport.

It is unclear exactly why she went off about being pro-vax, but TMZ reported that a fan asked to take a photo with her, which might have caused her to unload.

“Go get the shot! Take the shot every ten years!” Chyna yelled. “The same shit you have to do to enroll your kids, if you got kids after all these f–king abortions.”

The model spoke about topics like the Black community, representation of the Black community and treating the vaccine process like any other previous required shots required to put children in school. She called out those who aren’t vaccinated and directed part of her speech at them.

“See this is why people’s grandparents are dying and sh-t,” she said. “My grandmama been dead. Check this out, my grandmomma been dead.”

Fans and viewers of the video quickly backed Chyna. They used her remarks to emphasize the need for everyone to get vaccinated.

Others questioned why she was saying all of this despite not wearing a mask.

Many are surprised by her actions, but still approve of them.

Chyna hasn’t addressed her rant on Twitter.