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‘Master of None': Aziz Ansari on Doing It All (Exclusive Video)

”It’s a hard show to do but I have a great support team to make sure I survive,“ Netflix multi-hyphenate tells TheWrap

Aziz Ansari doesn’t want to talk about “Master of None” Season 3 yet, but that’s perhaps for good reason.

The writer, show-runner, director and actor pulled triple duty on the second season of his Netflix comedy on five out of the 12 episodes.

“I directed two last season and this season I directed four and one of them was a double episode, so in effect I was directing five episodes,” Ansari told TheWrap. “To direct and act and everything, it’s such a fun challenge and it’s my favorite thing I get to do on the show, but it’s also really challenging and doing that double episode was really hard. It’s a hard show to do but I have a great support team to make sure I survive.”

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Ansari also has a specific shout-out to someone on the “Master of None” team who really deserves more recognition.

“Our music supervisor, Zach [Cowie],” he said. “He did such an incredible job this year, and I think this is the first year they have a music supervision category at the Emmys. Even in the little screenings I’ve done, people have been like, ‘What was this song? What was that song?’ And we’ve given him some pretty tricky stuff. There’s a lot of Italian music in this season. Episode 2 is full of all this, I love Italo disco, so he helped me really find all this cool Italo disco stuff… We used a lot of old Italian music, some of which had never been licensed before for even like films in Italy. We really set a precedent with some of these things.”

Watch the interview above, where Ansari also discusses filming in Italy, and a scene that surprised him when he watched it back in the end.