Matt Damon, Ben Affleck Fight Over Tom Brady for Charity (Video)

Friends and die hard Patriots fans are raising money for three groups by donating time with themselves and quarterback

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck love Tom Brady so much, and now you can too.

The Oscar winners and big sports fans appeared in a new Omaze video to reveal you can win a chance to hang out with all three men in Boston by donating $10 or more to their new charity campaign. Proceeds go to benefit the Eastern Congo Initiative, and Brady’s TB12 Foundation.

“It’s going to be an amazing night,” Damon says in the video. “We can hang out, we’ll talk sports or politics, or maybe Tom can tell you what his favorite movie of all time is.”

“Or maybe he’ll tell you about the time you pressured him into making him wear a Jason Bourne T-shirt, and it was really uncomfortable for everyone,” Affleck chimes in.

The two then proceed to hilariously bicker back and forth about which of them is actually better friends with the three-time Super Bowl winner and New England Patriots quarterback. At one point, Affleck insists that he’s going to start a new nickname for Brady: T-Bone.

Then when Brady actually joins them in the video, they can’t help but fawn over him, though Brady is all business like always.

Watch the video above.