Matt Damon Discusses His ‘Hulk Suit’ in ‘Elysium’ (Video)

Director Neill Blomkamp explains that the robotic suit Damon wears in the upcoming science- fiction film is not all that fictitious

Expect Matt Damon to be doing some Hulk smashing when writer-director Neill Blomkamp's "Elysium" hits theaters on Aug. 9.

A new featurette has debuted online featuring Damon and Blomkamp discussing the metal exoskeloton Damon's character has attached to his body in the upcoming sci-fi spectacular. The clunky metal suit, which another character in the film says allows a human to be "as strong as a droid," is affectionalty referred to as "the Hulk suit" and is based on real science.

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"The whole suit is just an extrapolation on current-day technology that the military is looking into," Blomkamp said. "It's like a 'power assist' suit that helps you lift heavier objects or jump higher or run quicker."

While the suit appears to be quite the physical burden on Damon, the actor explains it was actually quite comfortable.

"I had 100 percent mobility," Damon said. "They made all the pistons that look metal, they were super-lightweight and the whole thing when they were done was 25 pounds — 25 pounds that were distributed all over my body, which was fine, I could stay in it all day."

Watch Damon sound off on playing an artificial strongman in the video below: