Matt Damon Takes on Libertarian Reporter (Video)

A young reporter tries to educate the shorn-headed Bostonian actor on the supposed wonders of the profit motive. Damon has a lesson for her, too

Last Updated: August 2, 2011 @ 10:07 PM

Among those gathered outside the White House Saturday for the Save Our Schools March, actor Matt Damon and his school-teacher mother were confronted by a young reporter for Libertarian website, who was seeking to expose the noted Hollywood lefty on some his alleged hypocrisy. 

Doesn't the lack of job security in the acting profession make Damon a better performer, the free-market espousing reporter pondered?

And by extension, wouldn't teachers be better if — in addition to low pay and deteriorating working conditions — some of their job security was taken away, too?

Ohh Matt Damon, fluff-weight Tinseltown liberal — you have been so Reasoned with.

Not so fast — Damon throws a nice counter-punch here.

Reason takes a cheap shot in the editing bay, throwing in a gratuitous "Good Will Hunting" scene (granted, hard to resist). But most of the tense, awkward exchange is left intact: