Matt Lauer Denied Interview With Cleveland Kidnapper Ariel Castro (Report)

'Today' host showed up at Ohio jail to interview Castro but sheriffs turned him away

Here's one exclusive Matt Lauer won't get: Ariel Castro, the man who was sentenced to at least 1,000 years in jail on Thursday for abducting three teenage girls and imprisoning them in his house for over a decade.

According to local reporter Scott Taylor, Matt Lauer showed up at the County Jail where Castro is being held before he moves to his new permanent digs. A "source," Taylor tweeted, told him that Lauer had an interview with Castro scheduled, but county sheriff Frank Bova was not having it.

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"I won't allow it," Bova said, according to Taylor. "An Ariel Castro interview from jail isn't going to happen in Cleveland."

Perhaps the sheriff is an Ann Curry fan? Neither jail officials nor NBC responded to requests for comment.

Better luck next time, Matt.