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Matt LeBlanc Liked the ‘Friends’ Monkey Way More Than David Schwimmer Did (Video)

Actor behind Joey Tribbiani tells the story of the one time Marcel escaped on set

“Man With a Plan” star Matt LeBlanc is a man of the people — and of the monkeys. The “Friends” alum told Jimmy Kimmel Wednesday that he liked that classic NBC sitcom’s marsupial, Marcel, way more than David Schwimmer did.

“I liked the monkey,” LeBlanc said. “I like animals. The monkey was really cool.”

“Schwimmer, not so much,” he added.

“It’s just because he’s the one who had to work with it the most. He was like, ‘Again with the monkey?'” LeBlanc explained of co-star Schwimmer’s feelings towards Marcel. “But I got along great with the monkey.”

LeBlanc told Kimmel that while the monkey in the show was a boy monkey named Marcel, in real life it was a girl monkey named Katie. The guy who recently left BBC’s “Top Gear” then shared the story of the one time Marcel/Katie escaped while on set. The white-headed capuchin climbed “60 feet” to the ceiling, and “just disappears into the blackness of the stage,” per LeBlanc’s retelling.

The actor being Joey Tribbiani said it took “half an hour” and a bunch of mealworms to coax her back down. Yes, capuchin monkeys eat that sort of gross stuff.

Watch him tell the stories via the video above.

Earlier in LeBlanc’s visit to the ABC late-night show, he and Kimmel joked about Hollywood’s big story of the day — the college admissions cheating scandal.

Watch their brief exchange on that top at the very end of the below video — the laugh is worth sticking around for.

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