Matthew Perry Spoofs Angus T. Jones’ Testimony and Apology (Video)

The "Go On" star begs fans to stop watching the immoral NBC show, then apologizes moments later in new Funny or Die sketch

Rainn Wilson already spoofed Angus T. Jones' "Testimony (Pt. 2)," but Matthew Perry has taken the gag one step further by issuing an apology just moments after begging fans to stop watching "Go On."

In a new Funny or Die sketch, Perry says the 19-year-old "Two and a Half Men" star inspired his own spiritual awakening. Or at least, inspired him to "sit down for an hour and skim the entire bible."

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He goes on to hit all of the same beats as Jones did — his NBC show is an abomination and he loves black people. Unlike the young man he's mocking though, Perry plans on giving back all of the money he's ever earned from immoral television shows.  

With the exception of one.

"I'm having a spiritual awakening, I'm not a f—ing idiot," he blurts out after being questioned about his most successful sitcom. "I'm keeping the 'Friends' money."

What makes this take on the viral video worth watching is the appearance of another NBC star who convinces Perry to immediately apologize to his show's cast and crew by offering the former drug addict a Percocet.

Poking fun of another famous drug user — who was famously fired from the highest paying gig on television — Perry adds, "I also want to give full credit to Angus for pulling off something that, up until now, I thought surely was impossible. He managed to let us all know that he was, in fact, the craziest cast member in the history of 'Two and a Half Men.'"

Watch the video: