‘General Hospital’ Star Maurice Bernard Breaks Down Into Tears During Reunion With Daughter on ‘Tamron Hall’

The actor and now podcast star hasn’t seen his daughter since October 2022 

Maurice Bernard broke into tears after being reunited with his daughter Heather Andresen for the first time in roughly five months. 

If it’s one thing about Tamron Hall, she knows how to get the water works going and emotions churning on her hit daytime talk show “Tamron Hall.” Her latest guest was “General Hospital” star Maurice Benard, who appeared on the show’s Thursday episode. The host and actor discussed his career and personal life, which included a convo about his daughter, Heather Andresen.

It’s been five months since Bernard has seen Andresen, who is his wife’s half-sister and whom he and his wife legally adopted at the age of 15. Andresen’s time in the Air Force has led to the two’s long awaited reunion. When Hall showed a picture of Andresen, Bernard became stunned. 

“This is her. You haven’t seen her in…” Hall began. “Oh, don’t do that,” Bernard replied. 

“You haven’t seen her in a long time. You’ve never seen her in uniform,” said Hall. “You’re not the only one who made a special trip today. She wanted to be here —because I know it was rough getting on that plane and coming here — your daughter, Airman First Class Heather Andresen.”

Together the two cried and embraced one another in a hug. “These surprises kill me,” said Bernard. “I am so proud of her. I can’t talk, so can I leave” Bernard joked. 

He went on to share an intimate moment he had with his wife and Bernard. 

“The most beautiful thing that I shouldn’t say, because I’m not going to be able to talk…” he said still in tears. “When we adopted her, we were talking in the room, and Paula, my wife, and her were talking about how happy we were, and at one point [Andresen] said, ‘Can I call you mom?’”

The three went on to look photos of Andresen and Bernard’s family, and Hall then told viewers to listen to Bernard’s YouTube-based podcast “State of Mind” before cutting to break. Hall’s talk show airs weekdays on ABC.