NBC Adapts ‘Maury’ Talk Show Into ‘Hilarious Party Game’ Called ‘You Are Not the Father’

“Only one will be the father — don’t let it be you!”

Maury Game

In the market for a “hilarious party game for adults”? NBCUniversal Television Distribution has adapted its trashy talk show “Maury” into a board game called “The Maury Show: You Are Not the Father.”

The very real game is currently available for preorder on Amazon and will be shipped beginning Nov. 27. Yeah, just in time for Thanksgiving — a holiday that clearly needs more familial arguing.

Below is how the game is described by NBCU.

The show is known for its compelling relationship drama, family issues, infidelity, and signature paternity tests. “The Maury Game: You Are Not The Father” will allow players to clear their name, “Maury”-style, with this hilarious party game for adults. The game challenges players to prove their non-paternity through a series of outrageous accusations and laugh-out-loud arguments.

At the end, a paternity test is “performed” and the “results” lie in each player’s Test Results envelope. Play your cards right to increase your odds of innocence and to turn the “Maury” audience against your competitors before the big reveal. Only one will be the father — don’t let it be you!


“‘You Are Not the Father’ celebrates our outrageous guests and the absurd excuses they use on our paternity episodes,” Povich said in a statement. “The game is fun, funny, and the best part is, there are no real babies involved.”

“You don’t have to be familiar with the paternity tests on ‘Maury’ to have a great time playing this game,” added Paul Faulhaber, the executive producer of “Maury.” “As for our die-hard fans, they are going to absolutely love it!”

“Maury” is distributed in national syndication by NBCUniversal Television Distribution and produced by Stamford Media Center Productions, the same production team behind “The Steve Wilkos Show,” “The Jerry Springer Show,” and the new “Judge Jerry.”

Maybe their own classy games will be out in time for Christmas.