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Max Landis Has Twitter Meltdown Over Vanity Fair Story Implying He’s Sexist

”This is actual pathetic journalism that involves skipping all the movies I’ve liked with female protags this year,“ the writer-director tweets

Writer-director Max Landis put up his dukes and came out swinging Sunday in self-defense after a Vanity Fair story accused him of “attacking another popular genre film with a female protagonist” — namely “Arrival.”

Before the Vanity Fair story came out on Sunday, Landis voiced his opinion of the Amy Adams sci-fi on Twitter Saturday, which appeared to be rather benign.

The Vanity Fair story by writer, Joanna Robinson, however, says of Landis’ critique: “Perhaps if he’s so unimpressed with the critically and commercially successful female characters and storylines in genre fare these days, Landis should show us one of his own.”

Landis, who wrote “Chronicle,” “Victor Frankenstein” and “Mr. Right,” took to Twitter again, this time to fight back at the implication that he’s a sexist.


But the rant was by no means over.