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Maxine Waters Accuses Trump of Being ‘In Bed’ With Putin

Congresswoman tweets, ”The question remains what does Putin have on Trump that he is seemingly the ONLY person Trump will not criticize in any way?“

Congresswoman Maxine Waters took to Twitter on Friday morning to accuse President Trump of being “in bed” with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Waters is the U.S. Representative for California’s 43rd congressional district and has served since 1991. It’s a bold move for a sitting member of Congress to accuse the president of being in bed with a foreign leader, but Waters is no stranger to going after Trump.

She also wrote, “It’s only a matter of time before we uncover the truth – British spies first to spot Trump team’s links w/ Russia,” with a link to a recent article in The Guardian detailing her claim.

Last month, Waters told MSNBC the infamous golden shower claims regarding Donald Trump that were published by BuzzFeed as part of an unverified Russian dossier are true and should lead to the president’s impeachment.

Trump repeatedly denied the unverified allegations, referring to the dossier of information as “fake news,” but Waters disagreed.

“I think it should be taken a look at,” Waters said. “I think they should really read it, understand it, analyze it and determine what’s fact and what may not be fact… We already know that the part about the coverage that they have on him with sex actions is supposed to be true. They’ve said it that is absolutely true.”

In January, BuzzFeed published a Russian dossier making unverified allegations against Trump, claiming that the Russian government has been “cultivating, supporting and assisting” Trump for years and has information that could be used to blackmail him. MSNBC host host Ali Velshi pressed Waters, saying her comment is an allegation unless she has information that the general public isn’t aware of.

“I am saying the investigations must be done,” Waters responded. “I do think that impeachment will be necessary.”

Waters clearly wants Trump out of the Oval Office. In the meantime, it will be interesting to see if the president responds to her most recent accusations.