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Jimmy Fallon and Maya Rudolph’s Lon & Yvonne Got Nothing on Fred Armisen and Kristen Wiig’s Garth and Kat (Video)

”Scat“ can also mean animal droppings

Jimmy Fallon and Maya Rudolph had six minutes and 53 seconds of “Tonight Show” to fill on Wednesday, so meet professional scatters Lon & Yvonne.

The scatting duo only performs over Zoom — and for good reason. (The good reason is they’re not good.) The untalented Lon & Yvonne are kinda making the whole thing up as they go along, which calls back to Fallon’s and Rudolph’s “Saturday Night Live” days in several ways.

First, the nonsense-ness of the premise and performance makes Fallon — who was notorious at “SNL” for not being able to keep a straight face — break throughout the skit. Second, Lon & Yvonne are not unlike Fred Armisen’s and Kristen Wiig’s freestyle-singing characters, Garth and Kat.

OK, so Lon & Yvonne are a bit less nerdy than Garth and Kat. Also, they don’t really do words because they’re scatters. Also also, Garth and Kat, whom regularly interrupted “Weekend Update” to screw with Seth Meyers, were much better characters who made for much funnier television. Sorry, but it’s true.

Watch the Lon & Yvonne video from last night’s “Tonight Show,” which was taped before the vice presidential debate, above.

Towards the end, Fallon’s glue-on mustache fails him, which is pretty fitting overall for the sketch.