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Here’s the Only Way You’ll See Jax on ‘Mayans MC’

TCA 2018: ”Whomever I bring back, I can’t do it for it to be like a sensational one-hit kind of a thing,“ Kurt Sutter tells TheWrap

“Sons of Anarchy” spinoff “Mayans M.C.” takes place four years after leading man Jax (Charlie Hunnam) died, but is there a chance fans will catch a glimpse of him in the new series — even in flashback?

“For me to bring Jax back in a flashback, it would really have to be integral to the story, because otherwise it’s going to feel [cheap],” executive producer Kurt Sutter said when asked by TheWrap at the Television Critics Association summer 2018 press tour. “Having Gemma there in the pilot was fun for and it will speak to something we want to do later on, so it was a little nod to ‘Sons’…but there was a reason why she was there and we’ll find out what that is later on.”

“So, there’s no absolutes for anything, I’m just saying, whomever I bring back, I can’t do it for it to be like a sensational one-hit kind of a thing,” he continued. “There has to be an integral part of why it’s important for the new mythology.”

He added during the show’s panel that while using flashbacks on “Sons” would have pulled viewers out of reality, it felt “organic” in the story that takes places four years after Jax’s death.

“With the character of EZ, who has this photographic memory… it felt like an organic way to help tell his story,” Sutter said. “So it is a flashback that began eight years [ago], and it was a way of letting us know that he is in Stockton where those two worlds can ultimately perhaps collide, at least in memory.” 

One way that Jax may live on in “Mayans” — even if it is further down the line — is through his son Abel.

I do think it would be interesting to ultimately see Jax’s sons, you know, faced with the reality of who their father was,” Sutter said.  “Jax left it with Wendy and basically said, ‘You know, do not paint my life, my existence in any glamorous way. Tell my sons that I’m a scumbag, that I’m a murderer, and that they should have nothing to do with me.’ Because he didn’t want them to face the same obstacles, and the same draw to lineage that he had done. So to me theres potentially something interesting to see how that may manifest, but that would be down the line.”

“Mayans M.C.” premieres on FX on September 4.

Tony Maglio contributed to this report.