Jared Kushner Compared to George Michael Bluth, Kenneth From ’30 Rock’ After Rare Public Statement

“Jared Kushner is simultaneously responsible for everything and nothing,” one observer tweets

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Media pundits and Hollywood alike weighed in on Jared Kushner’s exceedingly rare public statement, which happened after his closed-doors meeting with Senate Intelligence Committee members on Monday. The president’s son-in-law and senior advisor echoed what he said in an 11-page statement to congressional committees released ahead of a Senate Intelligence Committee meeting.

“I did not collude with Russia,” he said in front of the West Wing. “I do not know of anyone else” on the campaign who did, he added.

Some on Twitter were focused on the rarity of hearing Kushner’s voice (hear it in the CNN video below). “Well never having heard the sound of his voice before today, I can now confirm that @jaredkushner SOUNDS exactly like I thought he would,” one Twitter user said next to a GIF of Kenneth Parcell (Jack McBrayer) from former NBC sitcom “30 Rock.” “I did not collude with Pop Pop,” another tweeted next to a picture of George Michael Bluth (Michael Cera) from “Arrested Development.”


Others mocked Kushner’s occasional word-stumblings during his statement. “Kushner, struggling 2 read cuz I guess they don’t teach that at Harvard when rich daddy buys you in, whined, ‘I did not collude with Russia.’” another user tweeted.

“Jared Kushner is simultaneously responsible for everything and nothing,” “Modern Family” executive producer Danny Zuker tweeted.

See below for a roundup of Twitter reactions.