Topless Radio Host’s Interview With Mayor Goes Viral (Video)

Lori Welbourne took her shirt off during a conversation about women going topless in public with the mayor of Kelowna, Canada

The mayor of Kelowna, Canada, Walter Gray, is probably used to getting an earful — as most politicians are.

But he is likely not used to getting as much of an eyeful as he got during a recent interview with Canadian "On the Rocks" radio host Lori Welbourne.

During a recent conversation about the legality of women going topless in Kelowna (it's legal where men can go shirtless), Welbourne removed her blouse in front of the mayor, exposing her bare chest.

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An initially visibly unsettled Gray had the following exchange during the shirt-removal:

Gray asked, "What are you doing?" To which Welbourne replied, "It’s really hot in here."

After some limited initial shock, answering, "Really?" Gray was commendably composed and professional. Reach your own conclusion about Welbourne.

Watch the video: