Megan Fox and Nick Cannon Are Terrible Artists, But They Still Beat Jimmy Fallon and Wiz Khalifa (Video)

The four stars played Pictionary on “The Tonight Show”

Megan Fox stopped by “The Tonight Show” Wednesday while promoting “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,” a marketing gig that included playing¬†Pictionary.

They needed partners, though, and the obvious choices were rapper Wiz Khaflia and “America’s Got Talent” host Nick Cannon, who made a surprise appearance.

Fox kicked the game off by trying to draw a frog, but the image turned out grotesque and Cannon, her teammate, couldn’t guess it.¬†“I don’t remember what they look like!” she yells as time expires.

Fallon stepped up to the canvas. The NBC host’s drawing was sloppy, but Khalifa correctly guessed “puppeteer.”

“Visualize it,” said Khalifa, dressed in a Tupac t-shirt and skinny jeans, and so we did.


“The devil?” Fallon guessed. “Satan corn? Donkey corn?”

The teams eventually went to a bonus round, with Cannon and Fox emerging victorious after successfully drawing someone taking a selfie.

See the second clip below.