Meghan Markle Flooded With Praise for Miscarriage Op-Ed: ‘Wise, Painful, Generous’

Duchess of Sussex opened up about suffering a miscarriage in July

Meghan Markle Op-Ed Praised by Monica Lewinsky, Mia Farrow and More: 'Wise, Painful, Generous'
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Meghan Markle’s deeply personal op-ed about her experience suffering a miscarriage in July was published Wednesday in the New York Times, and the reactions across the internet have been polarizing.

The loudest voices are those expressing support, awe, and gratitude to the Duchess of Sussex for sharing a deeply personal story on such a little-talked-about subject — all while knowing that she would undoubtedly receive more of the online harassment and bullying that she has suffered ever since she joined the royal family.

Among her champions was Monica Lewinsky, the former White House intern whose affair with President Bill Clinton thrust her into the national spotlight and made her tabloid fodder for years to come.

“‘What would happen if one woman told the truth about her life? the world would split open,’” Lewinsky tweeted Wednesday, quoting the poet Muriel Rukeyser.

She added: “A private pain shared publicly may not help you, but it helps someone.”

“That Meghan Markle could write about her miscarriage knowing that it would add fuel to the fire of the demons who want her demise, makes her even more of a queen,” wrote author Monisha Rajesh.

That sentiment was echoed by Roxane Gay, who wrote that she found the op-ed “quite excellent and moving and sad” before speaking directly to Markle’s haters.

“A great many of you reveal who you really are when anything related to Meghan Markle arises. I appreciate when you take your masks off. I do,” she wrote.

Novelist Matt Haig also defended Markle, writing, “To people saying: ‘why is Meghan Markle sharing her story if she doesn’t want negative media attention?’ It is very simple: there is a difference between sharing your own pain, and having others cause it. You have a right to your own truth. And a right to tell it.”

British Historian Kate Williams felt the same.

“And here we go – horrible comments about #MeghanMarkle talking about her miscarriage,” she wrote. “She’s doing it to try to help others. Something is so wrong with us as a society when a woman is attacked for writing honestly about baby loss.”

Actress Mia Farrow praised the op-ed, calling it “wise, painful, generous.”

Chrissy Teigen had not yet weighed in at the time this story was posted, but countless parallels were drawn between Markle’s op-ed and Teigen’s October Medium post about the miscarriage she suffered with her husband John Legend.

“Chrissy Teigen and the Duchess of Sussex speaking openly about something that historically has given women so much pain, shame and trauma, is a game-changing step. I, and countless others, am so grateful to them,” wrote English novelist Elizabeth Day. “Beyond that, I simply want to tell them: I am so, so sorry.”

Journalist Anita Singh echoed that, writing, “When I had a miscarriage, I remember scouring the internet for articles by women who had been through the same thing. Because reading that you’re not alone is helpful and it’s comforting. So thank you to Meghan Markle for writing about something so difficult.”

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