Meghan McCain and ‘View’ Co-Hosts Are All About the ‘So Cute’ Biden Finger Bite

Meghan McCain feels the much-discussed finger bite was a sign of authenticity

Meghan McCain
Getty Images

The co-hosts of ABC’s “The View” were more charitable Tuesday about the viral video of former vice president Joe Biden biting wife Jill Biden’s finger than most of the people who made fun of it online.

They discussed the moment Monday, when co-host Meghan McCain called the bite “so cute” even though “people were so angry about that clip,” which made headlines over the weekend. (In case you somehow missed it, the former senator bit his wife’s finger while she was giving a speech to promote his presidential campaign in Iowa Saturday.)

The former second lady responded to McCain on Twitter Monday, saying, “Guilty, we do still love each other!”

From there, the democratic presidential candidate himself chimed in, “Confirmed: true.”

Tuesday, McCain showed the tweets to the “View” audience, noting she still stands by her original assessment that “any kind of natural behavior on the campaign trail, I still think voters in the middle of the country respond to.”

Joy Behar said, “Joe Biden makes me feel good. I like him. I trust him.”

She did point out after that she would vote for whoever gets the Democratic nomination, which led her co-hosts to joke she would vote for Chuck E. Cheese if he were running against President Donald Trump in 2020.