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Meghan McCain Blasts Hollywood Double Standard on Sexual Harassment (Video)

The former Fox News host slammed Harvey Weinstein in her first appearance on The View

Meghan McCain made her first appearance on The View Monday after being named the show’s resident Conservative. The former Fox News host wasted no time jumping into the biggest story of the week — the continuing fallout surrounding sexual harassment allegations against Hollywood titan Harvey Weinstein.

McCain dropped a familiar talking point from her Fox News days — blasting media and entertainment liberals for not denouncing Weinstein more vociferously.

“I worked at Fox for the past three and a half years before I came here. I couldn’t go and get a bagel without  someone talking to me about sexual harassment. People were very cruel, saying ‘how could you still work there?’ How could put yourself through this?'” said McCain. “I don’t understand why the same standard isn’t being set to actors in Hollywood and actresses in Hollywood.”

The fast-talking daughter of Senator John McCain, was met by Whoopi Goldberg who first defended The View for their tough Weinstein coverage and then insisted that people in Hollywood needed more time to assess things.

“Let’s be realistic. They started on Friday. This happened Thursday night. So it’s Monday morning. So, if we don’t hear anything else in the next day or two, I would be shocked. But I think people are assessing, what did I know and when did I know it? Did I look the other way?” said Goldberg.

Before joining The View, McCain served as a regular co-host on the Fox News program Outnumbered.