‘The View’: Meghan McCain Has Thoughts About Chrissy Teigen’s Twitter Exit That Are Mostly About… Meghan McCain

“Anything you guys have already said is not anything I haven’t thought, or felt, or been insecure about my whole life,” the co-host says

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On Thursday’s episode of “The View,” co-host Meghan McCain reacted to Chrissy Teigen’s announcement that she’d decided to leave Twitter after 10 years due to the platform having a negative affect on her life — by complaining about her own social media experience.

Although McCain tried to explain that she didn’t need a pity party because she “chose to be a public figure,” she also pointed out that because her opinions are usually different and more blunt, she gets attacked much more often than her co-hosts.

“It’s about how fat I am, that I’m a disgusting, white woman of privilege, I only get anywhere because of my dad,” she complained. “Anything you guys have already said is not anything I haven’t thought, or felt, or been insecure about my whole life.”

“I’ve spent a quarter of my life trending on Twitter,” McCain continued, citing that she understood how constant negativity and comments can affect your mental health — which is basically the only thing she said that actually touched on Teigen, as everything else centered on her own experiences.

“I am the one conservative woman in all of mainstream television,” McCain said. “I’m the only one left. I say things that people just don’t want to hear, and if they disagree with me, it automatically becomes personal.”

To say McCain frequently comes under fire on social media would be an understatement. The co-host usually trends during the show’s airing for everything from her political views to her debates with her co-hosts to her choice of hairstyle. So it’s not really surprising that she used her segment about Teigen’s decision to talk about her own issues with being a prominent public figure on the social media platform.

“I was trending on Twitter yesterday,” McCain said, referencing Wednesday’s comments about race and identity that led to a backlash of criticism. “And 9 million times…I don’t think it’s ever been positive. It’s always something negative. And it’s not just random people. It’s people with blue checkmarks. So I get it. I get why Chrissy Teigen can’t do it.”


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