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Meghan McCain Defends Her ‘Experiment With Hair and Makeup': ‘Let a Bitch Live’

”It’s COVID and I’m bored,“ the co-host of ”The View“ tweeted

“The View” co-host Meghan McCain clapped back at The Wrap’s gallery showing some of her most experimental hairstyles, asking to “let a bitch live.”

“Gonna say this one last time: I had a baby and didn’t shower for three months. It’s COVID and I’m bored. Let a bitch live and experiment with hair and makeup,” McCain tweeted.

Look, we get it. Life is tough right now and it’s the little things that are getting us through. And we weren’t really criticizing McCain’s style as much as we were calling attention to the fact that it was something that seemed to be causing as much conversation as the show’s daily Hot Topic segments do. (Speaking of causing conversation, we’ll assume that McCain was probably kidding about the “no showering for three months” comment and using an exaggerated example to reference how crazy postpartum lifestyle can be as a new mom.)

A number of fans jumped in to offer supportive reassurances for the way she chooses to embrace her style.

“Girl, I rarely agree with you but I am sick of people criticizing others’ appearance. Who the hell cares. I think you’re very pretty, despite your conviction to stay true to old white man conservative values,” tweeted a fan. Another chimed in with “I hate tweet you a lot (partially in jest) but the one thing I will say is I LOVE LOVE LOVE all the looks you’re doing – it’s fun.”

Some took issue with the call-out, given the superficiality of it all. “Drives me crazy how rude and opinionated some can be about your hair and makeup! Politics and policy differences fine. But yes leave a girl alone to express herself?”

And then there were the fans who took McCain’s “90 days without bathing” comment seriously, because we should never underestimate social media.

“Are you joking three months, no bathing? Your mom had to be there to help. What a TOTAL EXAGGERATION!! You seriously need to correct this,” said a baffled fan.