‘The View’ Host Meghan McCain Takes Shot at Fauci on Early Mask Guidance: ‘I Was Lied To’ (Video)

But Twitter users came to his defense: “We were still learning about the virus”

Meghan McCain Says She Was Told 'Masks Don't Work' and to 'Throw Them Away': 'I Was Lied to' (Video)

Meghan McCain incurred the wrath of Twitter on Friday after making another bold argument on “The View” — this time blaming Dr. Fauci for information she says she heard at the beginning of the pandemic that “masks don’t work” and to “throw them away.”

McCain didn’t say where she specifically heard this information, but she said she ended up giving her masks away, only to find out later that she was, as she says, “lied to.”

“The great horror of living in America right now is absolute complete and total breakdown of trust in our institutions,” she said on Friday. “Since everyone has gone after the Trump administration, I think it is OK to hold the feet to the fire for Dr. Fauci as well. I remember being told — and I too would like to be treated like an adult, Sara — that masks don’t work and to throw them away. I was pregnant in New York City when the pandemic broke out, I had a bunch of masks and I ended up giving them away because they said it doesn’t do anything and you don’t need it. Just say to me, ‘first responders need it more than average Americans, please donate them from the good of your heart.’ I would have done the same thing, but I was lied to.”

Watch the clip below.

The View started trending on Twitter Friday as users began dragging McCain, pointing out that yes, Fauci and others did say that masks weren’t necessary at the very beginning of the pandemic, but that better information was soon circulated and masks were found to indeed be effective.

“You were not ‘lied to’, Meghan. Masks were not recommended at first because we were still learning about the virus. Scientific recommendations change with more science. #TheView,” wrote one user.

“Hey @MeghanMcCain Please know you’re not an avatar for conservatives that liberals dump on because you’re visible & on Twitter (you aren’t the only Republican we know) and we’re not attacking you just fact checking you. Your team is sending you out w/dumb talking points,” wrote another user, who shared a screenshot of a Washington Post story addressing this very point.

“@MeghanMcCain still repeating that tired line of we were told mask were not effective. Yes, the first month almost a year ago. After more information came that was revised. Just silly!” wrote another user.

McCain also went after our newly inaugurated President Joe Biden for “not wearing masks” on federal property, pointing to a photo of him at the Lincoln memorial without a mask on.

While conservative news sites have criticized Biden for going maskless hours after signing an executive order requiring everyone on federal lands to wear a mask, others pointed out that he was there to give a speech during a televised event (much like his inaugural proceedings, during which everyone giving speeches at the presidential podium was permitted to briefly remove their masks) that he was outdoors, and no one else was around him.

“Meghan McCain babbled on #TheView that Biden wasnt wearing a mask yesterday – wrong. At the Lincoln Memorial on Jan 20 – NOT yesterday – he didnt wear a mask for a BRIEF virtual speech,” wrote one user. “The show is going to need fact checkers now that her Trump enablers are no longer in office.”

“Only 2 days in and Meghan is trying to blame Democrats for all that’s wrong with the world,” wrote another. 

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