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Meghan McCain Calls Mitch McConnell an ‘Absolute Gangster’ for Fast-Tracking Trump’s SCOTUS Pick (Video)

”Apologizes to everyone who’s upset over it,“ she tells her cohosts on ”The View“

Meghan McCain said she saw Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell’s move to fast-track Trump’s Supreme Court pick to replace the late Ruth Bader Ginsberg coming from a mile away — and she thinks he’s “an absolute gangster.”

“When RGB died, I was texting some of my liberal friends, ‘It’s happening and it’s going to happen,’ and McConnell is an absolute gangster when it comes to the Supreme Court,” McCain said Tuesday’s episode of “The View.” “I never thought it was even an option not to have it happen.”

“Apologizes to everyone who’s upset over it,” she quickly added, gesturing to her cohosts.

McCain did reference the “hypocrisy” of Republicans fast-tracking a pick in the last six weeks of Trump’s presidency, after McConnell and Lindsey Graham denied President Barack Obama pick to fill Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia spot after Scalia died during the last year of Obama’s term in 2016.

“My concern right now is when we inevitably lose the Senate, which is more than likely going to happen, what happens when Democrats possibly are in power and we have a Biden presidency and Democrats running the Senate?” McCain continued. “So this may be worth it to Republicans — I’m one of those people who thinks it probably is — but don’t think there’s not going to be a payout on the other end.”

Tuesday’s conversation piggy-backed on the main talking-point of Monday’s episode, which was Trump’s most-likely SCOTUS pick, attorney Amy Coney Barrett.

McCain closed her argument Tuesday by bringing up her same argument from yesterday — that she thinks Barrett is being unfairly judged because she’s a Christian — while Sara Haines doubled down on her argument that there is cause for concern that Barrett may not have the cleanest separation of church and state.

Watch Tuesday’s discourse on “The View” above.