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Meghan McCain of ‘The View’ Rants About Royal Family: ‘Monarchies Are Stupid’ (Video)

”The American experience is the way to go,“ declares the co-host on Tuesday’s episode

As “The View” co-hosts continued to discuss responses to Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s Oprah interview, Meghan McCain made her stance on American vs. UK culture clear by declaring “monarchies are stupid” and “the American experience is the way to go.”

While the other co-hosts of “The View” gave their opinions on Piers Morgan and his “wounded ego” after storming off a morning show where a co-host asked him about Markle, McCain gave a long spiel centered around her identity as an American. She talked about how playtime with her siblings growing up included pretending to be George Washington and the Continental Army crossing the Delaware River and drove home her love of visiting Mount Vernon, claiming that she named her daughter Liberty because of her intense dedication to American history.

“I do not want to defend the monarchy,” McCain ranted. “I’m a red-blooded 100% American who celebrates freedom anyway I can and always, so being in a position where I’m supposed to defend the monarchy is uncomfortable.”

She did mention that she had spoken with friends in the UK, who explained to her that there was a generational divide in the UK between older and younger residents when it came to the ways of the monarchy. “There’s a feeling among some people in the UK that they have abandoned queen and country,” McCain said, referencing Harry and Meghan’s decision to leave the system. “And they’re doing it at a time when Prince Philip is 99 years old and literally possibly on his death bed after getting open heart surgery and his heath isn’t doing well…the timing is bad.”

Social media was quick to pick up on Whoopi Goldberg’s reaction to McCain’s rant, with memes popping up not that long after the episode aired.

Despite her feelings, McCain did praise Markle and Winfrey for speaking up and steering the narrative in a more American direction.

“We have two American women — Meghan Markle and Oprah Winfrey — who are singlehandedly finishing what George Washington and our revolutionary counterparts did. I’m all for it,” said McCain.

Watch the clip below.