#Megxit Royal News Ignites Twitterverse: ‘American Divorcees: 2, House of Windsor: 0’

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced plans to ‘step back’ from royal duties on Wednesday

Meghan Markle Prince Harry
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It turns out Twitter has a royal obsession. Minutes after Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced a plan to “step back as ‘senior’ members” of the British royal family, “Harry & Megan” became the top trending topic on the social media platform.

Below are some of the best responses.

The Chicago Tribune won the cleverest social media post by tweeting “Northwestern graduate moving closer to home after spending time abroad.”

Vulture had a similar take:

Multiple posters can’t wait to see how this plays out in future seasons of Netflix’s “The Crown,” several suggesting Markle, a former actress, could play herself:

After Buckingham Palace released its own statement, saying discussions about a transition were “at an early stage,” many took that to mean the Queen was blindsided by the bold announcement.

“They just ghosted. This tea is delicious. Darjeerling,” Camilla Blackett tweeted.


Added writer Shantira Jackson, “Markle gave more notice to USA’s ‘Suits’ than she did to the monarchy.”

“American Divorcee’s: 2, House of Windsor: 0,” Scott Bixby tweeted, in reference to Wallis Simpson, an American divorcee whom King Edward VIII (Queen Elizabeth’s uncle) abdicated the throne for.


With the duke and duchess announcing they will split their time between the U.K. and North America (Canada), others mused about what their “normal” life would be like:

Not everyone was supportive of the couple’s decision. Piers Morgan, an outspoke Markle critic, accused her of splitting Harry from the Royal Family.

Polarizing British media personality echoed Morgan, writing “I bloody warned you”: