Megyn Kelly Blasts CNBC Debate Moderator for Letting Donald Trump Get Away With Bogus Immigration Claim

“This is why you never ask a question like this without having your source material at the ready,” Fox News host writes on Twitter

Donald Trump Megyn Kelly

Megyn Kelly has first hand experience with dealing with pushback from Donald Trump during a debate, so the Fox News star wasn’t impressed with CNBC’s Becky Quick letting the GOP frontrunner get away with misstatements about previous immigration remarks attributed to him.

“This is why u never ask a Q like this w/o having your source material at the ready,” Kelly tweeted during the GOP debate after Quick seemed to succumb to Trump’s claim that he never criticized Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s call for more H-1B visa for foreign workers to work at tech companies.

Quick tried to get Trump to acknowledge he made the critical comments, but couldn’t answer where she read that he made them. “Where did I come up with this?” she asked, which was just enough rope for Trump to deflect with a money sound bite.

“I don’t know, you people write this stuff,” he said. But the real estate mogul did in fact criticize Zuckerberg on his own campaign site, which is the material Kelly was referencing when saying Quick didn’t come prepared.

Several minutes later, Quick followed up with Trump, citing what he said on his campaign site, but it was too late and Trump swiveled out of it.

Kelly echoed that sentiment in another tweet.

The Donald has been widely lauded in post-debate pundit circles as TV news hosts praise him for being less bombastic and more poised in the third GOP debate.