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Megyn Kelly Calls ‘Bombshell’ an ‘Incredibly Emotional Experience’

”I did not sell the rights to my story or book and only got my first look at the film once it was past the point of any possible edits,“ former Fox News host says

Megyn Kelly said that watching the new film “Bombshell” was an “emotional experience” and that she would’ve provided edits for the movie had she been given the chance.

“While the movie ‘Bombshell’ is loosely based on my experience during the sexual harassment scandal at Fox News, I have nothing to do with this film,” Kelly said in an Instagram post Friday. “I did not sell the rights to my story or book and only got my first look at the film once it was past the point of any possible edits, though there are certainly some I would have made.”

The former Fox News host continued: “Watching this picture was an incredibly emotional experience for me, and for those with whom I saw it. Sexual harassment is pervasive in this country; it can leave scars that do not heal. My heart goes out to those who’ve gone through it, who I hope might find some comfort in this story… As for my thoughts about the film, I’ll have more soon.”



“Bombshell,” which opens in New York and Los Angeles this weekend and goes wide on Dec. 20, stars Charlize Theron as Kelly, alongside Nicole Kidman as Gretchen Carlson and Margot Robbie as a fictional Fox News employee in the story of Roger Ailes’ (John Lithgow) ouster from Fox following a sexual harassment scandal. Jay Roach directs the film from a script by Charles Randolph.

Kelly actually addressed some of the key moments in “Bombshell” during a wide-ranging interview with PBS’s “Frontline” on Friday. She recalled her time interviewing Donald Trump at the Republican primary debate, something the movie touches on as part of its timeline.

Kelly asked Trump a question about his previous comments about women, and she said the intention was to challenge any of the presidential candidates with something that would determine whether they were electable and how they would defend against an attack from the democrats. She added that none of the other candidates minded her line of questioning, except Trump.

“He did what we’ve seen him do so many times, what we almost heard him do on that call with the Ukrainian leader, which was, ‘I’ve been very nice to you, right? I’ve been very nice to you. Maybe I won’t be. That’s Trump in a nutshell,” Kelly said. “I wasn’t trying to be unkind to Trump in that moment, I was just doing my job as a reporter, but the way Trump sees media, the way Trump sees life, it’s all, ‘they like me or they don’t like me,” and in that moment I got moved from the ‘she likes me’ to the ‘she doesn’t like me’ category. And I do believe that on that night, his anger was real.”

See Kelly’s “Frontline” interview above.