Megyn Kelly Flames CNN’s Kaitlan Collins for Nancy Mace Interview Over Biden Impeachment Inquiry: ‘Probe a Little’ (Video)

“What happened to her natural sense of inquiry?” the SiriusXM podcast host asks

Megyn Kelly slammed CNN journalist Kaitlan Collins’ performance while interviewing South Carolina Congresswoman Nancy Mace, saying she felt Collins questions weren’t inquisitive enough when it came to the impeachment inquiry of President Joe Biden.

During Tuesday’s episode of Kelly’s SiriusXM podcast series “The Megyn Kelly Show,” the political commentator sat down with Blaze TV’s Glenn Beck to discuss her feelings on Collins’ interview with Mace, which took place Monday night.

“If you watch the whole interview, all Kaitlan Collins does – she’s worked for The Daily Caller. What happened to her natural sense of inquiry on something like this? All she did was say, ‘What’s your new evidence? What’s the evidence? There’s nothing new.’ What kind of reporter doesn’t say, ‘I see what you’re telling me. There’s smoke and you want to figure out whether there’s fire?’” Kelly said, video of which you can watch above.

Collins’ interview with Mace comes after House Republicans have started to push for an inquiry into the Biden family over claims related to Hunter Biden’s alleged foreign business dealings. Some of the allegations were stirred by Donald Trump in 2019 while Biden was serving as vice president. One of the claims insists that Biden pressured Ukraine to get rid of its top prosecutor in order to block an investigation into the gas and oil company Burisma, which Hunter is a board member for.

“We can’t share the SAR reports because they’re confidential and that would be against the law. So we have to prove via other means, via the bank records, for example. If that gets us Joe Biden’s bank records, then I’m going to support,” Mace shared with Collins during the interview, which Kelly played a clip of. “The kind of money that was involved in these schemes is astounding. You would be shocked. You would blush Kaitlin if you knew — if you’d seen what I’d seen.”

Kelly chimed in and expressed that she didn’t understand Collins seemingly withholding from digging deeper into Mace’s statements, and mentioned what how she would’ve questioned.

“You’re trying to tell me that the things you’ve seen – that I’m not allowed to see because they’re confidential – have you deeply alarmed?’ Probe a little, on a scale of 1 to 10? How alarmed are you? Was it one report or was it multiple? Help us dig to figure out why [Rep.] Nancy Mace, who’s not a fire-breather, is clearly animated about this and 100% wants the inquiry to begin.”

On Tuesday, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy reportedly said he would be launching the impeachment inquiry into the Biden family after House investigations showed a “culture of corruption” that needed to be looked into further. Mace is part of the committee the that is investigating the claims. A reported statement from the White House condemned the move saying, “House Republicans have been investigating the President for 9 months, and they’ve turned up no evidence of wrongdoing.”


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