Megyn Kelly Panel Explodes Over Racism, Political Correctness at University of Missouri (Video)

Fox News guest Kevin Jackson says outcry over racist incidents on campus is “most ridiculous thing that’s happening in colleges”

Megyn Kelly’s panel erupted on Monday over the race controversy besieging the University of Missouri campus.

Panelist Lisa Durden went off on now-former university president Tim Wolfe, who resigned on Monday in response to student and athlete backlash against his inaction over repeated racial incidents on campus.

Durden bashed Wolfe’s “stupid pontificating” about how change takes “listening and learning,” arguing change takes actions and Wolfe didn’t take decisive action against racism on campus, including a swastika made of feces.

Kevin Jackson, executive director of The Black Sphere, countered that the university president did nothing wrong and the whole outcry against the college is political correctness gone wild.

“This is undoubtedly the most ridiculous thing that’s happening at colleges and it’s essentially chickens coming home to roost in liberalism,” Jackson said.

He added the swastika was most likely meant to offend Jews, not African Americans. “Luckily, I’m not a black person who only cares about black people,” Durden shot back on the Fox News program.

The racial backlash at University of Missouri reached a fever pitch on Monday after months of complaints among black students over racial slurs directed at them by the school’s predominately white student body.

This included nearly 30 black members of the football team who said they wouldn’t participate in team activities until the university’s president resigned.

Watch the video below.